Covane Community Lodge

Facilities & Activities

RESTAURANT - Our chalets are not self catering, so join us at the restaurant for your meals - please confirm requirements at the time of booking your accommodation. Our camping guests are also most welcome! Our meals and drinks are priced affordably.
• Breakfast: Breakfast is an optional extra for all guests - other meals and all drinks not served standard with breakfast are charged for.
• Lunch: Optional, by arrangement. Can include light meals like quiche or chicken salad.
• Dinner: Set menu, meal varieties change daily.
BEVERAGES - Cash bar available for all guests. Bottled water, ice cold beer, soft drinks, wine & spirits available for sale
WATER - Guests are warned to not drink the tap water and only drink bottled water.
POWER - Electricity is supplied by Solar panels that was installed in beginning of 2024. The solar panels supply power to the lights, plugs and a fan in each room. No fridges or other equipment is allowed to be plugged in to power points in the rooms. 
WATER BASED ACTIVITIES - Boat-based game, bird-viewing or sunset safaris on the Massingir Dam. 
FISHING - Boat-based fishing trips on Massingir Dam: Using your own fishing gear, cast for Tiger fish (catch & release) Bream/Moçambican Tilapia, Silver Karp or Barbel.